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​​Water used for agriculture accounts for around 70% of all freshwater withdrawals globally. One agritech company has set out to ensure every drop applied for farming is used efficiently and effectively. Australian agritech company Farmbot is helping farmers better manage water resources by leveraging technologies to provide targeted insights that support decision-making.

Australian agritech grows exponentially as farmers prepare for future climate volatility in Australia and abroad. Farmbot, a leading Australian agritech business, has now sold over 5,000 units, deploying to farms in every state and territory.

Agritech is all about finding high-tech solutions to revolutionise farming techniques to improve efficiency and outputs. One Australian company who is a leading the way in this field is Farmbot.

Australian agritech grows exponentially as farmers prepare for future climate volatility in Australia and abroad. Farmbot, a leading Australian agritech business, has now sold over 5,000 units, deploying to farms in every state and territory.

AUSTRALIAN agtech brand Farmbot has now sold more than 5000 water monitoring units, with the company saying the COP26 summit in Glasgow has boosted sales in recent weeks.

It’s been another bumper week in Australian funding, with ten startups announcing funding rounds ranging from $1 million to $25 million. Just weeks ago, we reported on an eight-day period that saw more than $1 billion invested into Australian startups.

FARMBOT Monitoring Solutions has secured $1 million of Telstra investment as part of a $2.7 million capital raising effort. Farmbot Monitoring Solutions produces a range of wired and wireless remote monitoring products using the internet of things, tailored to farming.

Telstra has backed a remote monitoring technology startup in a $2.7 million raise. The telco chipped in $1 million with Macdoch Ventures, Follow the Seed and three Farmbot Monitoring Solutions customers also funding the round.

TELSTRA has invested $1 million into well-known agtech brand Farmbot, leading a $2.7 million capital raising by the company. The telco has joined private investment firms Macdoch Ventures and Follow the Seed in the latest expansion for Farmbot, which sells remote water monitoring equipment.

Agritech start-up Farmbot has banked $2.7 million, including $1 million from Telstra, as it races to install thousands of water monitors in rural Australia and ramp up its global expansion plans ahead of a planned Series B raise.

NT and QLD producer Dan Lynch discovered that a couple of hours at the computer has saved him thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours. All up, it has meant significant cost savings of around $36,000 a year.

Farmbot won the Sustainability, CleanTech, and AgTech category in the Technology Scale-Up Award. The win reflects the importance of technological innovation in the agricultural sector.

Farmbot has achieved a milestone in becoming the inaugural winner of the “Sustainability, CleanTech, AgTech” category at the Technology Scale-Up Awards.

AgTech Finder spoke to Farmbot’s Head of Sales and Business Development, Nick Bradley, to find out which questions farmers should ask agtech providers, and how to be confident you’re getting the right product to suit your needs.

Farmbot's paid internship program will give a final year university student the opportunity to embed themselves in the company to learn from all departments in the business, from research and development and production, to marketing.

Farmbot has developed a camera sensor that can physically see water infrastructure, gates, fences or other assets, and send important data to farmers in a cinch.

Andrew Coppin discusses the accelerated rate of technology adoption, and how the need for greater telemetry and data points, is required in a world where climate change and volatility is the new normal.

Technology designed to improve both productivity and profit on-farm will be a highlight of one of the livestock industry’s biggest events this week.

Farmbot launches a next-generation camera device at Beef 2021 which enables farmers to take images of their farm assets and view them in real-time, via two-way satellite connectivity.

In a first for the Australian agriculture sector, farmers will be able to physically control infrastructure and other assets remotely. This technology is a leap forward and will revolutionise the way farmers make business decisions, unlocking exponential productivity gains and boosting profitability for customers.

Losing a whole tank of water from cattle nudging the float off the trough was the final straw for Lake Grace farmer Karen Bairstow, Arizona Farms, which prompted her to invest in water monitoring technology.

Anna and Andrew Cochrane who manage Isis Downs Station for CPC, a 237K hectare property, provide a case study on how and why they invested in remote water monitoring.

2GB National Rural News covered Farmbot's Head of Sales Nick Bradley's conversation on satellites helping remotely monitor water supply.

Farmbot, a provider of remote monitoring technology for Australian agriculture, has released the Wireless Trough Sensor, a device which connects farmers to their water supply right up to the point of consumption.

CRAIG Brewin has managed Maranoa Downs at Stewart Range, near Naracoorte, for the past 16 years, where he runs Angus breeders and sometimes trade lambs.

The business also leases land near Rendelsham, which is about 100 kilometres south-west of Maranoa Downs.

The explosion in the use of low-orbit satellites and ground-based, internet-connected sensors, combined with powerful cloud-based analytics software has led Amazon to aggressively build a new space division.

Australian AgTech is being left behind in the global race to develop cutting-edge innovation. That's the blunt view of Andrew Coppin, chairman of the Australian Agritech Association and CEO of leading agtech company, Farmbot Monitoring Solutions.

Today’s release of The Weekly Times AgJournal with Farmbot Monitoring Solutions customer Luke Balkin, and Farmbot CEO Andrew Coppin. Challenging the thinking on the true value of employing AgTech around properties in Australia.

Water is a vital asset for aussie farmers. Every farmer typically starts their day thinking about the weather and the impact rain forecasts might have on their day, week, month...

Australia's place among the biggest global food producers could be to blame for its worrying lack of urgency and investment in agtech, says Farmbot managing director Andrew Coppin.

The latest in startup and tech news from Australia, featuring the world's leading investors and founders. This episode features Luke Campbell, Bede Moore, Beth Carey, Helen Shadforth, Heba Khamis and Andrew Coppin.

Bridge Hub is excited to announce the six startup finalists from the Bridge Hub 2020 Water Challenge Australian Startup Stream.

The manager of national ag-tech start-up Farmbot says the Federal Government’s $86 million investment into drought innovation is just the tip of the iceberg of what is needed to help technology start-ups prosper.

Farmbot is proud to be amongst the 19 finalists for the Australian Technologies Competition (ATC). All of 217 companies who entered should be proud to be part of Australia’s ecosystem of technology companies. We look forward to the National Finals and Awards in October.

BBC featured Farmbot on their Digital Planet podcast. Listen to the discussion on access to water and usage and how robotic devices and satellites are providing solutions.

THE federal government will spend $86 million establishing research hubs across the nation, focused on practical ways to build drought resilience.

The eight hubs will be based in regional areas that reflect the key agricultural and climatic zones across the country, and are part of the government's Future Drought Fund.

Water is a vital asset for Australian farmers. Every farmer typically starts their day thinking about the weather and the impact rain forecasts might have on their day, week, or year.

A new alliance is set to offer Australian farmers enhanced visibility, efficiency, and sustainability of their water supplies as Inmarsat, Farmbot Monitoring Solutions, and Pivotel, join an agreement.

Satellite-controlled pumps and machinery bring next-level monitoring of water supplies to rural farms across Australia

Inmarsat has entered into an agreement with Farmbot Monitoring Solutions (Farmbot), a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to the agricultural industry and Pivotel, an Australian provider of mobile satellite services.

THE limitations of remote farm control because of dicey or non-existent cellular phone signals look set to be rapidly overcome with a new deal announced between Farmbot and Inmarsat.

Inmarsat and Farmbot have entered into an agreement that will enable the agtech startup to deliver its water monitoring software-as-a-service solution to farmers located anywhere in Australia.

WHEN Don and Colleen Costello, managers of one of the largest Angus beef operations in Australia, send their bore runners out to check the waters, they are often faced with a 400km round trip.

Australian company Farmbot Monitoring Solutions helps farmers to manage their water system. Its precision technology can save farmers money and time.

Farmbot and Partners raise $20K for drought angels. Todd Donaldson Farmbot Business Development Manager presents the cheque to Drought Angels in Chinchilla QLD.

Elders Presents Nick Bradley Farmbot Business Development Manager

Farmbot Managing Director Andrew Coppin was a keynote speaker at AdvanceAg 2020. Discussing Water Management for livestock

The Land Newspaper spends time with Farmbot customer Jim Nivison, discussing how imperative it was "to monitor water levels," "during the worst of the drought".

EvokeAG hosts various start-ups and an array of promising technologies an exception being Farmbot.

ABC News Country Hour featuring Farmbot Monitoring Solutions Managing Director and Founder of the Australian Agritech

Stuart Austin, Manager of Wilmot Cattle Co, discusses four priorities post-fire devastation, and how Farmbot assisted during recovery efforts.

Farmbot Australia Pty Ltd (NSW) has been awarded a grant of $597,650 to broaden the application of its innovative water monitoring technology.

Farmbot has been awarded a grant to broaden the application of its innovative water monitoring technology that aims to improve the productivity and profitability of farmers around the globe.

Farmbot has released its next generation of water sensing technology, enabling its equipment to work better with other sensor technologies, such as moisture probes and geo-tags.

THERE are more sets of eyes watching water than ever and new tool has been released to help graziers monitor their supplies.

Meat and Livestock Australia’s annual Red Meat conference is underway in Tamworth. Despite the drought, business leaders say the industry is as strong as ever.

Satellite technology has been hailed as a critical water-monitoring tool to provide pastoralists with near real-time water level updates and ensure thirsty cattle remain hydrated.

The Australian New Zealand Leadership Council has just announced the formation of the Australia New Zealand Agritech Council. This is an exciting development for farmers and ag-tech companies alike, bringing together the best innovators and developers in the farming and technology space.

Farmbot launches next-generation water monitoring technology saving farmers time and money

Big data is driving on-farm productivity by taking information about pasture growth, rainfall and water use to help predict things like daily weight gain.

With water levels so low in Australia and a much drier new normal being set, it has never been more crucial for farmers to monitor water levels on their farms, and one Aussie invention has been developed to do just that...


Farmbots make life easier for Zane - Water is a vital commodity for Zane Day’s cattle enterprise at Wallareenya Station. Managing and sustaining water points across the 202,350ha lease had long proved time-consuming for the pastoralist...

A new device lets farmers monitor tanks from their smart phones

A growing number of farmers across the country are adopting new technology to monitor water to reduce wastage and improve the health and welfare for both animals and farmers.

Satellite Provider of the Year award went to Pivotel Satellite and Farmbot Australia for the Farmbot water-monitoring solutions incorporating Pivotel’s satellite technology.

Feed the Planet: Australia-Based Accelerator Drives Multi-Million Dollar Boost For Global Food and AgTech Startups

+22.7% CAGR of AI in Agriculture Market Analysis by Players like IBM, Microsoft Corporation,
(…) Farmbot

Next-gen water monitoring system uses satellite data transfer

Save on time and
money with Farmbot

Water Farmbot doing? Leading the field on an irrigating issue

Telstra reveals muru-D startup graduates
Telstra provided $40,000 in return for 6 per cent stake in each company

Remote water monitoring, flow, pressure, trends, rain, data anywhere 24/7/365. Save time & money with reliable, easy to install Aussie

Complete Control. Better Decisions. Peace of Mind.

Why VC Funding
is Slowing in Growing Aussie Startup Ecosystem

Telstra picks 10 Aussie startups to mentor through muru-D

SparkLabs’ Agtech Accelerator Cultiv8 Draws International First Cohort Seeking Second Growing Season in Australia

SparkLabs Cultiv8 food and agtech accelerator reveals first program cohort

Farmbot Pitch - Sparklabs Cultiv8 Demo Day 2018

Farmbot is an Australian AgTech company that puts the farmer first with simple to install and use, high impact sensors.

Farmbot Monitoring Solutions Take the Guesswork out of Measuring, Analysing and Controlling Water

Farmbot Water Level Monitor includes custom setup and configuration according to client, storage and user details

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