Know your farm's eco-system

Farmbot's range of farm monitors

Water monitoring doesn’t end with storage levels and rainfall
– it’s an entire ecosystem of equipment, staff and resources.

Knowing your Farm Ecosystem means improved
productivity and increased profitability

Our farm monitors keep you informed on:

  • Staff safety
  • Equipment condition
  • Infrastructure health

Water Flow Monitor

The Farmbot flow monitor is an integrated water-level and flow monitoring solution that provides supply and demand data to help prevent water loss. It offers near real-time water level and aggregate flow data for up to three outbound lines. It can work with a wide range of standard water meters and like all farmbot monitors, it is self-install for immediate operational use.

  • Provides accurate flow rates from pumps, bores and tank inlets or outlets
  • Utilises any flow meter that provides a pulse output (ARAD, WaterFlux etc.)
  • Provides aggregate water flow and total volume information in litres
  • Provides detailed flow history to help you better understand daily and seasonal water demand and supply
  • Provides SMS and email alerts in case of excessive flow rates
  • Will support an optional rain gauge

Water flow  monitor

Water Pressure Monitor

The Farrmbot pressure monitor provides insights into pressure levels and changes in any line. This enables a better understanding of water pumps, controllers, valves and the overall reticulation system. It also allows for the early detection of faults, problems and impending failures.

  • Can monitor any line (water, gas, and other liquid) up to 2500 KPA / 25 Bar in standard form.
  • Other pressure ranges can be provided on request
  • Provides timely warnings of unexpected pressure changes
  • Provides detailed line pressure history to help better manage system performance and problem determination
  • Provide up to 64 data points a day for the satellite version and 128 per day for the cellular (4G) version
  • Supports an optional rain gauge

Water pressure monitor

Safety Monitor

The integrated water level and safety monitor ensures you and your staff are safe around the property. Provides accurate records of all site visits with an emergency alert facility.

  • Records date and time of staff site visit
  • SOS alarm for immediate distress alert (via Satellite or Cellular connection)
  • Provides SMS and email alerts of SOS events
  • Robust dust/ dirt/ water/ animal proof case
  • Supports an optional rain gauge

Safety monitor

Pump control, electric fence and camera monitors – coming soon

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