Know your microclimate

Farmbot's weather monitors

Rain gauges and weather stations have been used to measure microclimates for decades.
Today’s technology enables more accurate and accessible weather information for farmers.

Save time, get accurate information and make the right decisions!

Our weather monitors will keep you informed of your:

  • Daily aggregate rainfall
  • Farm microclimate
  • Risk of flooding and stock loss

Rain gauge

When you know your rain down to the millimetre and understand the detailed rainfall for your property. You can make informed decisions about farming operations, crop development and yield potential before you’ve stepped foot in the field.


  • Self-emptying
  • Accurate within 5%
  • Provides detailed rainfall for the location
  • Excel output of all rainfall data history
  • Detailed rainfall data to assist in flood and stock loss prevention
  • Summary and detailed graph views

Rain gauge

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Exceptional customer service
Exceptional customer service
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Money-back guarantee
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Replacement warranty
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100% Australian-made and owned

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