Farmbot water level monitors can be installed anywhere in Australasia no matter how remote. They are able to be self-installed in just 10 minutes for immediate use – no technicians or complex setup. Our monitors are robust and light, which means they can easily be relocated if required.


Access data via mobile phone or computer to stay in complete control of your water assets 24/7. Our sensors use satellite technology or 3G/LTE and are guaranteed to work anywhere, so you can trust that the data is reliable and readily accessible.


View the status of water levels, trends in consumption and warnings of potential issues. SMS alerts inform you of faults or leaks in your water systems which means you can have peace of mind, knowing Farmbot’s got your back.


We stand by our product and service, and provide a money back guarantee within one month of purchase should you feel the product does not deliver exactly what we say it will.


Manual inspections often involve driving significant distances, over dusty roads at great expense to the farmer in fuel costs, car wear and tear and farm labour. Our research shows that tank/reservoir manual inspection can be reduced by over 90% after installing Farmbot monitors, which means you have more time for other important tasks.

We issue timely warnings of impending problems caused by system issues and changing demand. This means you can act on issues and prevent potential disasters.

We provide detailed information and analysis of your water level history to enable you to track usage , see trends and support planning for the future. Information is simple to understand and accessible, so you can make better decisions about your water management.

Farmbot alerts you to exactly what is happening with your water levels via your smartphone, tablet or computer. This means you’re always in complete control of your water sources.


Farmbot provides innovative monitoring solutions that take the guesswork out of measuring and analysing water.

Our products have been developed specifically for the agricultural industry to help ensure the stability and sustainability of the water supply, and are particularly suitable for farmers in remote regions.

Farmbot monitors are easy to install, use and maintain, providing farmers with accurate, timely data at their fingertips. Our satellite and 3G connected monitors measure and analyse water use and consumption in stock tanks, dams, turkey’s nests and irrigation channels.

Farmers can access the real-time information through their PC or mobile phone 24×7 – ensuring visibility of water level issues before they become significant, and helping farmers to better understand their water usage.



Tank Monitor
Tank Monitor

Monitors the water levels in your tanks in centimetres and percentage full.

Channel Monitor
Channel Monitor

Monitors the water flow in irrigation channels using ultrasonic sensor technology.

Dam Monitor
Dam Monitor

Monitors the amount of water in large bodies of water such as dams and Turkey’s Nests, in megaliters and percentage full.

Rain Gauge
Rain Gauge

Measures daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly aggregate rainfall. Can be used with all Farmbot products.


Farmbot utilises a Global Satellite service to provide fast and reliable access to your data across the planet. This service is ideal for use in locations where the standard mobile network is not available or unpredictable.
In locations where the standard mobile network is readily available, Farmbot devices can utilise 3G/4G/LTE (or older mobile networks), which provide higher data connection speed at lower costs.



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